Parks & Recreation

Coy Memorial Park was donated to Green Township in 1960 for recreation and relaxation.  It is located on State Route 165, 1 mile west of Greenford.  The park has 3 pavilions for rent from May 1st. thru September 30th.  The park is maintained by the Road Department Employees.

Pavilion #1 and Pavilion #2 are enclosed with a refrigerator and counter space.  The tables and benches seat 70 to 80 people. Pavilion #3 is an open air pavilion with 10 picnic tables.

The pavilions are not heated or air conditioned.  All of the buildings are handicap accessible.  A separate restroom facility is supplied.  The park closes at dusk every night.

There is also a basketball court, baseball field and playground. Parking is available at the road for sled riding in the winter. Pets are not allowed in the pavilions. Smoking, open burning and alcohol are not permitted in Coy Memorial Park.

For more information, call 330-533-3472, or email:
Laurie Strabala maintains and schedules the reservations for the building.


Also for more information check out the Coy Park Rental Rules and Agreement